August 8, 2019

Considering that the current price of petrol is always unstable and fluctuating, it is advised for you to follow the following saving tips.

These tips are really useful especially for lady drivers that are often labelled as less competent and inexperienced drivers.

1. Fill the fuel in the morning or when the temperature is low

For your information, the capacity of the petrol is higher at low temperature compared than when the temperature is high. Did you ever notice that when you fill the fuel during hot day, you can see the vapour coming out of the tank.

This is because at the temperature is high, it will produce excess vapour and this would reduce the capacity of fuel when you refuel. So, make it a practice to refuel in the morning or night to avoid getting less petrol.

If you still need to fill the petrol during the day, you are advised to make a payment at the counter first before opening the fuel tank cover.

2. Fill the fuel slowly

This technique allow the petrol instead of mixture of vapour enter the tank avoiding getting less value than you paid. You just need to control the trigger at mid setting to reduce the vapour entering the tank.

3. Fill the tank when it is half-full

Ever heard the “pop” sound that sounded like you open a carbonated drink, when you fill the fuel when the fuel meter is already blinking? This happens because the majority of the air space is filled with the fuel vapour. Hence, you are advised to fill the fuel when the tank fuel as it reaches half empty

Actually, the fuel will be consume more if there is plenty space in the fuel tank, as it has more space for the fuel to evaporate. Beside that, you can try mixing the ron 97 and ron 95 petrol method. This is because ron 97 petrol are more engineered.

Hence, if you’ve been using the ron 95, you could try occasionally fill the ron 97 to improve the car engine life. Hopefully all of these tips can help to get more values when filling the fuels.

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