August 8, 2019

Ever need motivation to go for a jog? Ever wondered how to get to the gym while SERV’s crew is doing your car maintenance. How about a fitness app that rewards you for working out.

Inspired by Pokémon GO, which incentivized the public to take a hike, an aspiring young Malaysian entrepreneur, Chang Yi Hern, came up with the idea of JomRun. It is a fitness app that encourage the Malaysian public to stay fit and rewarding them for their efforts.

With Malaysian having the highest obesity prevalence in Southeast Asia, Chang has always wanted to find a solution to this problem. Hence, driven by the success of Pokémon GO, Chang believed that he can do the same with JomRun.

Thus, despite being a full-time engineering student at Oxford University, Chang dedicated most of his time to the development of JomRun. Using the gains from his stock investment and scholarship as his capital, he put together a team of 9 and started working on JomRun in early 2017. Their goal was to create an app that rewards its users for their effort in keeping fit with coupons that offer great discounts on health and fitness products.

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Chang Yi Hern – JomRun Founder

After a year of incubation, JomRun was finally launch in December 2017. They are now partnered with several international sporting apparel and nutrition firms. Brands working with JomRun include Zalora, Maxx Badminton and Box Green. Users can earn exclusive deals by having the JomRun app connected to their fitness tracker whenever they go for a jog. JomRun records the workout intensity and rewards its users with energy points that can be used to redeems exclusive coupons. Deals offered on JomRun include up to 50% off with any purchases on Zalora, Brooks, Nutrition Pro and Sundried Activewear.

JomRun also features special workout challenges on a weekly basis. Some of these challenges give the user the chance to win a free official Manchester United Jersey and free entries to sporting events all around Malaysia.

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Chang firmly believes that keeping fit should be a rewarding experience that does not break the bank. Hence, he envisions JomRun to work with more boutique fitness firms in the future and offer high quality sporting and nutrition products at a fraction of the price of major brands.

Exclusive for JomRun user only, SERV is offering RM30 off voucher* with every service booked. So, start running and collect 400 JomRun points to enjoy the offer now.

*terms and conditions applied

“At JomRun, we believe that people shouldn’t pay to run, instead, people should get rewarded for running” – Chang Yi Hern (Founder of JomRun)


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